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Your success is our mission

We want you to be successful with our products. To ensure your satisfaction, we go through several steps for each product.
First, we develop the idea to solve your problems. Then we produce a prototype, which you test for compatibility with your needs. Once you are satisfied, we begin manufacturing your products and, if desired, assist you in developing sales strategies.
The basis for our cooperations is communication based on openness and trust. At Bioplasmar, you receive clear and precise information about our products and delivery conditions. We respond to your individual wishes and needs and together we look for suitable solutions for your company.
Step 01
In addition to manufacturing pots for growing plants, Bioplasmar is always working on new products for agriculture, the food industry and construction industry.
Step 02
Bioplasmar develops new innovative ideas and tests them for their practical use. For this purpose, we produce prototypes and optimize them for everyday use.
Step 03
Bioplasmar plans the production line and starts manufacturing. All the necessary information for production is also transmitted to the production plants of our partners.
Step 04
Together with its sales partners, Bioplasmar identifies its target group and develops measures to address them directly. This is how we ensure the success of our products.

Your contacts

Chaim Eldar
Bioplasmar expert
   +972 54 8085330
Benjamin Ubl
Bioplasmar expert

   +49 (0)9147 945131

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