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Practical, formable & made from renewable raw materials

Biodegradable granulate derived from
organic green waste materials

The problem

The widespread use of plastics has led to the generation of significant amounts of plastic waste across various industries. This waste infiltrates the environment through multiple channels, posing a threat to both ecosystems and living organisms.

The Bioplasmar solution

Green waste is utilized to create a biodegradable granulate that not only enriches the soil with valuable nutrients after use, but also offers versatility in shaping through our patented spraying technology.
By substituting single use plastic in various processes, we contribute to the advancement of the green revolution while enhancing operational efficiency through waste reduction. Furthermore, the resulting compost can be monetized, providing companies with an additional revenue stream.

Are you interested in Bioplasmar's sustainable solutions?

Contact our Bioplasmar expert Chaim Eldar. We look forward to answering your questions.