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New award!

We took second place in the Shapir Group’s Access Innovation Center competition.

Visit to the Havivian Farm

The Havivian Farm tests our planters and records the health of the plants to see differences and improvements compared to conventional cultivation.

Evolution in the sale of potted salads

Increasingly more of the potted salad greens and herbs sold in the Lidl shops in Finland will be grown and sold in biodegradable paper pots.

Bioplasmar is recruiting!

Bioplasmar developed technology to upscale organic waste and transform them into valuable biodegradable products to replace products made of nonrenewable resources such as plastic and pit.

 A European “Green Deal” against Global Warming

Europe is introducing a green pact with the goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral nation by 2050.

“Green tech” seminar in Paris

Zamir Eldar, CEO of Bioplasmar, has been invited to present the innovative Bioplasmar technology at the « green tech » congress in Paris.

It’s raining plastic!

Microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains

A new anti-waste law in France

With the circular economy law, the French government is fighting the battle against plastics.

Bioplasmar at the Biennale of design

The “Biennale Internationnale Design St Etienne” will take place from the 23 mars to the 24 of april 2019.

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