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This is what makes Bioplasmar products so special

We efficiently and profitably valorize green waste, creating sustainable products that contribute to the local circular economy while offering versatility.


These are the advantages of our innovative material


We obtain green waste from local businesses, promoting the regional economy and minimizing waste generation and long transport routs.


Our products maintain stability in the air for an extended period, initiating the decomposition process only when they are reintroduced to the soil.


Our products are fully compostable, and as they decompose, they generate valuable nutrients that enrich the soil.


Our granulate serves as an effective alternative to plastic and can be easily molded into various shapes using existing injection molding techniques.


We provide assistance to companies in effectively monetizing their green waste, which is generated on a regular basis.

Decomposition process

During storage, the pot remains stable and decomposition does not begin until it is planted in the soil. The decomposition of the pot provides nutrients to the plant.
  • Step 01


    Our granulate is composed of an adhesive, blend derived from green waste, and a variety of renewable base additives.
  • Step 02


    The ingredients are carefully and thoroughly
    mixed to achieve a homogeneous mass.
  • Step 03


    The mass is molded into the desired shape using a unique injection molding technique.
  • Step 04


    The final product is carefully and sustainably packaged
    before being shipped to our customers.
  • Step 05


    The package is efficiently and reliably delivered to
    the customer by our trusted service providers.

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